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Questions people have asked

“What value would I get from using you as a coach Bill?”

First and foremost, you would get the results you come for!

Build your confidence and self-esteem!

You will learn to manage and to choose your reactions and emotions more effectively and surprise yourself in meeting and exceeding your objectives.

You can also expect to feel more resourceful, and on top of your game.  If self-esteem and self-confidence are important to you, you will find them restored.  People important to you will respond to you differently, and you can enjoy becoming more skilful at managing changes.

You will have someone to confide in and trust with your deepest concerns, knowing you are not being judged, and you will learn to generate positive, resourceful states in the most difficult situations.

“Bill, How do I know whether I can really make the changes with your help?”

By asking such a question, you show that you understand it is you that will make the changes and not me.  Change only happens by doing something different.  If between us we can discover what you really want, and something different you can try, it is by doing it that you will find out.  I can help you find your way, but it is you that have to make your way.

“I have used coaches before and I ended up with a to-do list every week – I can do that on my own!  How are you different?”

The issue:

If you do nothing between sessions with your coach, the chances are you will not get the results you want.  It’s disappointing in my view, that many coaches will focus on the contents of your issues, on encouraging changes in behaviour, get you to rehearse possible solutions, then give you a list of objectives to meet or actions to carry out and report upon.

The difference:

With me, our initial focus is on what you want and need, and how you will know when you have it.  The kind of coaching I do centres on associating resourceful states to your challenging situations, and showing you ways to do that for yourself.

If I give you tasks or homework of any kind, it will guide you through an opportunity to learn something vital, or to embed something we have worked on in the coaching session.  These are unlikely to be the kind of actions you would take of your own volition, because they arise from your responses in our meetings.

“How can you help me in my circumstances?”

By exploring with you what it is that would make everything okay, treating you with the deepest respect, acknowledging your views and ways of seeing the world, and accepting what you tell me without judging.

Life and work for many people is hard:

There are times when difficulties come relentlessly, one after another, and you feel overwhelmed by non-stop worries.  Maybe you have worked hard and built a business or a career, and now there’s a nagging sense that all is not well.  There’s something missing in your life, and the thought of living the rest of your life without it becomes unbearable.

Perhaps the pressure on you as a manager or leader to deliver and be seen as on top of everything is increased by a subtle loss of self-confidence.

Impossible objectives:

You might have signed up to a set of objectives that, in your heart of hearts, you know cannot be achieved, but it’s your job, and your responsibility.  A creeping sense of terror that you might be judged as incompetent if you don’t make it is the straw that breaks the camel’s back.

Sometimes what you may call a problem is not the real issue.  It’s surprising how often what becomes the real problem is your current efforts to try and solve it, or the physical and mental states you find yourself in when you’re faced with difficulties.

Much of what I do helps you to recognize your own unconscious, maybe self-defeating habits or tendencies, and to find new and different ways to build your confidence and feel more in charge.

Get The Best From Life And Work