“Today, there is a vital need to enable individual genius – while finding the means to ensure that this, in turn, results in a more powerful organization.

“I fundamentally believe that the natural state of the human being is to be fully expressed, uninhibited, and without doubt or fear.  To be able to perform, learn, and enjoy.  A state in which there is access to all the innate resources born to us.  Genius.”                                (Myles Downey, Effective Modern Coaching)

My Mission

I believe in the essential nature of change.  The most satisfying part of my work is in seeing people change, as they find their way to what is important to them.  By inspiring your skills and resourcefulness, we provoke curiosity,  align your efforts, and help you ignite a passion for achieving great results.  You discover what’s possible, as you turn the art of living into a fascinating adventure.

Would You Call A Coach for Help?

A coaching relationship when it works best, is very personal and intimate. Quite frankly, not everybody wants a Coach, especially when they imagine how “needing” coaching could affect their reputation.   And besides, I do not automatically agree to coach everyone who approaches me.

However, because my experience tells me that it’s high performers, who by their very nature tend to get the most from coaching, I want to extend a special invitation for you to consider probably the most prestigious and effective way to raise your game.

Can you name one gold medal Olympic athlete, or one Wimbledon champion who does not have a coach?

It could be that you’re doing pretty well, facing some interesting but important challenges, and you’d love not only to maintain that, but to raise your game a notch, or more!  High quality coaching can bust your boundaries, assisted by someone who is totally focused on you – someone to act temporarily as your personal bio-feedback system.

And in tougher times

And if you are not one of those who is thinking of yourself right now as a “high performer,” what I have been noticing is that last year seemed to be a tough year for so many people I know and meet, either on the work or business front, not to mention in more personal arenas.   And when something’s challenging you, having someone who can give you time and genuinely undivided attention is not only precious and rare, but it can make all the difference.

Even family, partner or close friends, because of their concern for you, will want to offer ideas, or suggest what you ought to do.  They’ll even talk over you or interrupt in their desire to persuade you that you’ll be OK.  Or they’ll be worried for you, or within minutes, get caught up in telling you their own story as something you say triggers their own “stuff” ……and you don’t get heard.  And of course, you may feel that you couldn’t talk to them anyway about what you’re dealing with.

And when everything feels NOT OK, finding your way out can be tough, because if you knew what to do, you would be doing it already.  Sometimes, it’s hard to know what you really want anyway.  So much internal chatter keeps reminding you of things to be anxious about, warning you of what might happen if you can’t work this out.

Looking around you, other people appearing happy, balanced and celebrating how successful they are only makes you question more what’s wrong with you, doesn’t it?  All you can be clear about, is that you don’t want this!  It can feel very isolating, and even quite hopeless at times.

Everything passes, even this

What a Coach can do is really listen, with that rare, undivided attention.  This is a kind of listening that tells you nothing you could say is going to be judged, interpreted or assessed in any way.  Here is a person who accepts and acknowledges you, respecting that whatever you think or believe makes perfect sense to you, without any need at all to agree or disagree with you.

Out of respect and professional experience, the Coach can offer you honest and precise feedback, where necessary provoking or insisting that you face certain obstacles or unhelpful habits.  And at times, being tough is a key and essential part of the job.  The Coach can help you notice what keeps you stuck; help you define what you DO want, and help you discover ways to get back to your true self

Be kind to yourself.  Give yourself a present and find out completely free how this would work for you.

Call now, and find out if what you are dealing with is appropriate for coaching.

We can schedule a one-hour preliminary session, free of charge, where we would begin to explore.

Call me now on +44 (0)7973 32 66 94, or send a message below.  Things can start to change when you take action – any action.  It’s so easy to do it now!

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