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What I do

I help you face your challenges, be positive and get results, whatever your context. I do much of this with Coaching both individuals and teams, and have a long and effective history of helping teams get results when things have been difficult. I help organizations, groups and teams create visions of the future and a powerful, lasting sense of common purpose, mostly through Coaching and Facilitation, and often employing Future-basing®, a proprietary method of my own. I help you in groups and organizations to carry out complex discussions, reach agreements and resolve conflicts using Facilitation and advanced communication processes. I work in the field of Personal Development, particularly through training in Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP).

Who I work with

My clients fit loosely into four groups:

COMPANIES: Senior leaders or teams needing focus and direction, frequently approaching this through team and executive performance.

GROUPS AND ORGANISATIONS: Building roadmaps or co-operation agreements, large-scale and project proposals, or visions for the future.  (Find out more at

INDIVIDUALS: I help Executives in transition to handle the sudden changes, re-evaluate your position and build a solid future, as well as Executives in companies handling job changes and demands for increased performance.  Also, individuals facing loss of special relationships, of self-confidence, health, job, direction, or experiencing dissatisfaction in your life and work.

BUSINESSES AND INDIVIDUALS: Seeking training and personal development in NLP for improving business processes through advanced communication, or looking for career change into helping professions like Coaching, NLP Training and therapies. Some of this work I do with the NLP Academy (, alongside leaders in the Field, John Grinder and Carmen Bostic St Clair ( and Michael Carroll of the NLP Academy.

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