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How I help with Coaching

I help you come to terms with and learn how to handle whatever faces you. One of the most significant things I do is to help you work out and clarify what you really want. When you get to know that, we talk, I ask questions, tell stories, show you ways to move your body physically or take action, or I arrange tasks, situations or events for you to learn from.

I’m often asked, “what kind of people, or what industries or sectors do you work with Bill?”   Since I work with the people involved, it makes little difference what your technology, industry or personal circumstances are, because it’s the human element that brings everything alive, it’s people like you that do everything.  That’s where my expertise lies.  The terms I use to describe my ways of working include Coaching, Consulting, Facilitating, even Training.  These are more accurately descriptions of the contexts in which I work with people, because what I do is fairly similar in each of those places.


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