These testimonials are from Executives in significant positions, some of them in global corporations, and other professionals I have worked with over the years.  Because of sensitivities of their particular roles, some of them prefer not to be identified, but were happy for their comments to be used:

I am currently assigned as a Learning & Development Manager for a multinational chemical company. At the time I was supported by Bill, I was an HR Director for a European division of a large Multinational food company.  I worked for my previous employer for a long time, and had to decide what direction to go. Bill was suggested to me as someone to guide me through this decision process.

The experience was remarkable. I was a bit sceptical about some of the techniques and approaches he used, however it really did help me along in my thinking, decision-making, and overall state of wellbeing. In the meantime, some of the techniques are now daily practice.

It would be hard to classify the result in one or more buckets. The result was a general positive outcome in multiple areas. If I had to name one thing, then probably the more conscious decision-making in all situations would be one of the strongest outcomes.  Next to the content of the coaching, Bill has always been a great person to work with. He understands and provides contexts for understanding that are very useful. Bill was the first coach who did not suggest what to do, and it worked. Bill not only helped me at that moment, the result is lasting.

Wim de Keyser, Independent Interim HR manager and consultant.  My main focus is to help organizations define HR strategies supporting the Business Strategy, and to support organizations going through major changes.


Due to intensive global business travel and responsibilities, I experienced a medical challenge with my back, including surgery. As I was getting back on my feet, I explored possibilities to “add to my get-well toolbox”. My manager recommended and supported an NLP coaching approach with Bill.

Simply mind-blowing. As an HR professional, I come across many coaches as a development support for employees/managers that I service. Bill is a, if not the best-in-class coach I ever interacted with. He has a great way to put you at ease, to elicit, define, refine and challenge. I loved his subtle, non-imposing, creative yet impactful way of getting me to an out-of-the-box functioning. Bill helped me reinforce my strengths and regain trust in my intuition. The way he helped me see myself in the position where I wanted to see change is remarkable. Furthermore, Bill created choices that were previously not imaginable for me. And lastly, it was great fun being coached by him.

My specific goals were to move towards a state in which I would be more responsive to the physical signs I received through my system, to perform better and to have more choices. Bill has undoubtedly helped me achieve these goals. I have not attached specific measures to this success if not that am coping very well with my back and that I now have a much more holistic and integrated balance of body and mind. As a matter of fact, and linking back to the mind-blowing aspect of this experience that Bill has given me, I have now become an NLP coach myself.

Thanks Bill J
Florian Franzen, Global Talent Leader, Netherlands


Bill trained me as an NLP Coach and even more importantly, coached me during my toughest personal challenge – going through cancer.

Bill is a great trainer and a great coach, and I do not hesitate to recommend him.  Thanks to his help, I went very smoothly through multiple surgeries and therapy.

Cristina FM, Global HR Director


I have known Bill for 14 years he made a great contribution to the consortium I led.  This was a consortium of health and social care organisations in the far south west of England. The consortium was formed and developed to offer cross-organisational leadership development for senior professionals, from diverse backgrounds and roles tasked with providing high quality of care.  Over time the emphasis moved from traditional management development to leadership development, Bill helped create an environment of realness, closeness and intimacy.

He helps people find new ways to bring themselves to the challenges and opportunities they face.  He helps them reflect on their behaviour with others and find powerful ways to bring themselves in a different way in all sorts of situations.  Following his contributions to the Programme, he was often invited to work with individuals in their workplace with their teams and peers facing tough challenges, and helping them create new ways to collaborate and get results.

Bill has developed a portfolio of knowledge and experience over many years that can be called upon to help individuals develop and grow in very real ways.  He loves being able to bring what he has learned and loves to others.  A few of things he offered to the consortium and their organizations included:-

  • TMS (Team Management System)
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Enhancing Interpersonal Relationships
  • Introductions to NLP
  • Future Basing
  • Time Shifting
  • Executive Coaching
  • I have often recommended Bill to others

Sally Fraser, Independent Consultant & Learning Specialist


I was referred to Bill by his colleague, an Executive Performance Coach.  At the time, I was experiencing a difficult balancing of a number of business, work and private life issues, and it was felt that Bill was someone who could help me through. I was starting from a quite uncomfortable place.

Skeptical at first, and wondering why I had been “passed on” to Bill, I found to my surprise that he was easy to trust and open up to.  There were no offers of advice about what I should do, but I did find myself noticing my own reactions, and how at times those reactions didn’t help.  There was a patient acceptance from Bill, never judging what I said or did, yet I found myself dealing with important things head-on.  Most of all, I realized I could take them in my stride much more effectively than before.

The outcome is I am based in a wealthy country in the Middle East, travelling frequently in a key marketing role for a global manufacturing company.  That uncomfortable period is largely behind me now.  I enjoy precious time in my private life in ways that I had not expected, and life and work are extremely satisfying.

The effects of my working relationship with Bill continue to contribute to how well I am doing.  Somehow, I moved through a relatively difficult, unfocused period to emerge here on top of my game.  I’m still not quite sure how he helped me do that, but he has my wholehearted endorsement.

Global Marketing Director  (Name withheld to protect this client’s identity).


Bill’s intention and integrity when assisting clients in achieving their goals is inspiring, and something I believe we could all aspire to. He is authentic in being the change he wishes to see in the world and mindfully applies this in his work and life. If you choose to work with Bill as a coach, you’re giving yourself a gift.

Rachael Hudson Business Owner and Hypnotherapist


Bill is one of the most reliable and professional consultants I have worked with. He is an expert in his field as well as being a genuine and friendly person. I have relied on Bill on many occasions to deliver training, facilitate team and strategy meetings and to provide executive coaching. I would partner with him without hesitation.

Pamela Lupton-Bowers Professional Facilitator and Trainer


Bill is a fantastic trainer, who brings very deep knowledge and broad experience into every situation he engages in.  He’s one of the most helpful people I met in the professional training & coaching industry. A man of very high integrity.  Very highly skilled.  Bill engages deeply into interaction with individuals or groups and offers them the best of what he’s got to assist them in their development and achievement of their goals.  I highly recommend Bill as a trainer and a coach.

Joanna Bielecka Master Coach and Trainer People and Business Development


Bill has been one of the few best trainers I have worked with. He introduced me to NLP and other, totally new ways of looking at work and relationships between people. He inspired my interest in NLP and greatly influenced my further career path. Bill has a unique ability of bringing knowledge from other fields of life into a workplace and making connections that lead to a lasting change and transformation.

Alexei Gartinski Lead Consultant at Strategic Business Coaching


I have found Bill to be very versatile and approachable in various training and coaching contexts. His professionalism and attention to detail make him an ideal model for others to follow in the training environment. He is someone who can engage with a group and gain quick respect because he is congruent and walks his talk. I highly recommend him.

Peter Salisbury Training Director Focused Mind Solutions Ltd


I worked with Bill in my first consultant role at Capita. He had a major influence on improving my approach, skills and understanding which has stayed with me. Bill has a unique and powerful approach to his work which enables him to genuinely make a difference to those around him, and I would recommend him without reservation.

Gary West Experienced Learning and Organization Development Professional 


I’ve worked with Bill many times over the years and can sum things up by saying that he is one of the most able and professional people I have come across in 25 years in business. Simple as that.

Brian Collingwood Insurances, Pensions, Investments Intermediary; and Editor at The British Clematis Society


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