Who Says? : Meta Model Mastery

This is a set of audio recordings I created mainly to help Practitioners of NeuroLinguistic Programming to further practice and master their skills in asking questions.  These same skills are also deeply valuable for Coaches, helping their clients to specify what they want, and to notice how their own thinking creates limitations.


Endorsed by Dr John Grinder, co-creator of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)


Bill Phillips’ product embodies the finest in inductive learning of the venerable patterning of NLP’s first model – get it and get it!”

Who Says?: Meta Model Mastery is an interactive audio learning package, including 2 CDs and a neat booklet for capturing your notes. This quick & easy method helps you to learn all the Meta Model patterns fast and automatically by listening, just like in conversation.  Carry the audios around with you as you practice, free from having to digest and remember them from written descriptions.

The Meta Model for language (published by Grinder & Bandler in 1975 as The Structure of Magic) was the first set of language patterns that John Grinder, Richard Bandler and Frank Pucelik revealed to establish the field of NLP.

Your effectiveness with NLP depends on how skilled you are at asking those Meta Model questions.  NLP is often called an art.  So, become a modern Michelangelo in a very short time – learn to chip away with chisel-sharp questions to reveal your clients’ Model Of The World and help them tell you what they want.

There are 14 short recordings, an Introduction, and one for each of 13 Meta Model language patterns.  You can listen here to the introduction (5 min 35 sec), and here to a sample track (6 min 11 sec) of one of the thirteen patterns.

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Carmen Bostic St Clair, creator of the inductive method used in these audios; continuing co-developer with John Grinder of New Code NLP

It is my intention in the near future, to produce a Masterful Questions interactive audio learning set designed specifically for Coaches.

I presented to an audience of fifty people at the NLP Conference in London on 23 November 2014.   The title of my talk was “Easy Meta Model Mastery,” a demonstration of the inductive learning method for asking questions featured in Who Says? Meta Model Mastery.

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 Future-basing® Users’ Guide

Would you like to learn how to imagine and shape your future? What if you could pick a date in your personal or collective future, create your ideal scenario for that time as if it has already come true – and then learn how to make it a reality? And the beauty is, when you can do it once, you can do it over and over again – after all we don’t have just one possible future!

Find out about Future-basing® and how to acquire the skills:

The Future-basing® User’s Guide is a booklet that captures the essence of the Future-basing® process. Its main purpose is to serve as an aide memoire to the experience of working with a qualified Future-basing® Coach or Facilitator.

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It also enables you to apply it to yourself, and to consider how to use it for other purposes. The booklet is accompanied by a pad of A4-sized forms with instructions for Future-basing® with individuals, families and friends, or small teams.

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